Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Way of the Wound (A Spirituality of Trauma and Transformation)

Countless victims of childhood abuse, domestic violence, violent crime, rape, war, life-threatening illness and natural disaster struggle with the impact of their injuries.  Former ways of making sense have been injured or destroyed.  The lives of many are without meaning or direction.  Unless helped to integrate the significance of their traumatic wounds into more comprehensive approaches to self, life and God victims run the risk of addiction, wasted potential, numerous psychological and physical problems, as well as commitments to distorted spiritualities. Victims of trauma are asked to embark on a path of healing that mystics, shamans and mythic heroes have been walking for thousands of years.  The only difference is that the path is contemporary and, therefore, potentially more conscious.  Trauma provides a modern access to this spiritual path and can initiate powerful experiences of conversion. If properly supported and accompanied trauma has the power to transform all facets of reality. 
The Way of the Wound lays out a path of healing, along with the central issues/obstacles that survivors encounter at every crucial point along the way.  This work offers direction to every victim of trauma wanting to move to the next level of healing. Topics addressed are: Trauma Generated Spirituality, Understanding Trauma (definitions, types, impact), Confronting Existential Vulnerabilities, Relationship and Differences between Ego, Self and Spirit and The Journey (i.e., Answering the Call, Entering the Unknown, Being Shredded, Return of the Repressed, Encounters with Evil, Sifting Through Former Beliefs, the Problem of Suffering, Profound Transformations, Hard Road Back to Others, The Call to Social Advocacy and Modern Day Saints .
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  1. This is the best book on healing trauma that I have EVER read