Sunday, August 3, 2014

Growth through Adversity: Coming out the Other Side of Illness, Trauma and Loss

Trauma, abuse, loss, betrayal, abandonment and serious illness are some of the worst things that can happen to human beings. The majority want their problems to end and life to return to “normal.” What they frequently fail to realize is that their traumatic exposures have instigates a process of questioning and discontent that will not end until they are able to make contact with what underlies all understandings of self and life. Certain individuals move in search of something more than what they previously built their lives around, e.g., their career, looks, status, money and achievements. All of the aforementioned fail to satisfy a psyche and soul that have been awakened by the jarring effects of trauma. The overwhelming and deconstructive effects of trauma throw into question and/or destroy what was formerly used to hold internal and external reality together. In essence, traumatized individuals have been cast outside their former frames of reference and holding structures. Trauma places traumatized individuals on a path that humans have been walking for thousands of years. Following this path to its conclusion brings not only healing and resolution but also profound transformation. Growth Through Adversity affords sojourners both a map/tools (conceptual and linguistic) to stay on the path and, in some cases, make it to trails end.
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  1. I've really gotten a lot of healing from your insights. I wish I could show you some of the pictures and postcards I've made for myself and my friends based on your quotes.

  2. sure i would like that - sorry it has taken so long to respond

  3. I don't have a way to send them digitally can I send them to you
    through snail mail?